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What Every Beginner Need to Know About Hydroponics Kits

Posted on Aug 19, 2012 by Sheilla May

Getting one of those hydroponics kits is the best option to start your plans of having a soilless garden. The cost of the kit depends on how ready you are to invest willingly or what your requirements are, but literally it costs up to a few thousands and as little as a few dozen dollars.

The contents of the kit can vary but typically dependent on the cost. Some affordable kits contain no more than what you’ll be able to create and are made out of mere home items. But hydroponics kits usually contain everything you need to start out such as seeds, some nutrients, a tray, including testing strips and a manual guide.

Depending on the kind of system you decide to use, here are some hydroponics kits available in the market:

1. Aggregate System. Among the hydroponics kits, this particular one makes use of a nontransparent container wherein you can grow your plants. There may also be a nutrient tank that’s included, together with a packet of nutrient solution. This type of system enables the solution to naturally flow to the container from the tank ensuring an adequate nourishment distribution.

Aggregate kits have a main component of a drainage system that is built-in and a pH tester can be included that will help you in monitoring and setting the nutrient solution to the right pH level.

2. Water Culture System. Hydroponics kits designed in this system may either be very simple or very complex. Yet, the one you’ll get is dependent on just how much budget you will want to spend on it. The simplest kit can include a small plant container, a basic illumination system and nutrient solution. A complex kit however, may contain an aerating system, various testers, a water heater, a small container, lighting system and nutrient solution.

3. Aeroponics System. This system is considered the most modern and sophisticated and probably the priciest among all hydroponics kits. A few of them include seeds already planted in pots and placed in plant holders. In addition, a submersible pump is included as well as tubing and some spray nozzles. There is also an inclusion of pH testing kit and liquid nutrients that are sufficient enough to produce as much as a hundred gallon of the nutrient solution.

Many other hydroponics kits can include a lighting system that will require bright, big and powerful lights. Blue lightings are suggested for less mature plants. Another important tool that may be included is a thermometer or a gauging tool to check the nutrient solution’s temperature, especially for an aeroponics system.

These indoor gardening kits will help you in figuring out the ideal location to set up your garden to make sure that it will have the appropriate temperature for your plants to grow well, especially during the summer and winter season. Just take note that not all the kits include all the items so do some research first before you buy one.

If you are still confused, please do not wait any longer. Visit this very informative website to find out more about hydroponics, types of growing medium and indoor gardening kits.

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