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The Different Types Of Storm Damage To Roofs

Posted on Mar 17, 2012 by Benjamin Harrison

When natural disasters are being listed, storms in no doubt make the list. They are one of the natural events that are capable of causing serious destruction. You can easily know what precipitates storms by looking at their names. There are snowstorms, hailstorms, snowstorms, thunderstorms and windstorms. One common thing to all kind of storms is that their ability to cause Storm Damage to Roofs.

Basically, the damages caused by storms can be divided into two broad categories. The first category is the devastating type of damage that usually accompanies hurricanes and tornadoes. Such storms would usually leave the environment of their occurrence looking like a war-torn zone because of the extent of the destruction that they would have caused.

If a house or building should be caught in such type of natural disaster, the structural integrity of such a building would most likely have been compromised. In fact, there will be the need for extensive repairs to be carried out on the building before it can be deemed conducive for human habitation again.

However, this article is more concerned about the other type of damage that affects homes all over the world. This type of damages are less obvious, in fact, they could be on your roof for as long as six months or a year before they announce their presence. This is type of damage could have been fixed with a minor repair, but will end up needing a major repair.

An example of this kind of damages is the one caused by a hailstorm. Hailstones are actually chunks of ice that are precipitated in the upper atmosphere that fall down as hailstorm when they have gathered enough mass. Hail is a major culprit when it comes to damaging the roof of your house stealthily.

One other force of nature that is also capable of causing such silent destruction is the wind. The fact remains that damages that are caused by the wind are also not very obvious and it could be long before you notice them. Nonetheless, if there is an excessive falling of leaves in your yard in any season other than the fall, you need to check your roof for damages.

It may interest you to know that homeowners are usually unable to discover Storm Damage to Roofs before it is too late because when roof looks intact when viewed from the ground. If the house is not yet leaking from the roof and you have not seen any displaced shingle, you may not know that your roof needs a repair. However, periodic inspections will help you to spot trouble in good time.

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