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Reasons Why Spray Foam Roofing Is The Best Option

roofing insulationIf you are looking at insulating your roof, there are various considerations that need to be taken into account. One of the most crucial aspects to consider is the simple fact that roofing is the most exposed part of a building structure and is typically the most expensive feature. Its exposure to inclement weather, particularly harsh conditions, will not only influence the roof’s appearance but also its durability and strength. Of course, if the roof is compromised the integrity of the structure will be influenced negatively.

To ensure the strength and dependability of the roof, it is advised that the roof is sprayed with insulated with foam. By doing so, it will protect the roof and prevent the occurrence of mold, mildew and other conditions that can weaken a roof. In fact, spray foam has been proven to increase the level of a roof’s rigidity thereby extending the life of the building. This will prevent any need for repairs and reduce costly replacement.

Contrary to popular belief, by insulating your roof using spray foam you can reduce the building’s overall energy consumption leading to savings of approximately thousands of dollars per year. Of course, and while this may seem as if we are stating the obvious, the roof is the structure most affected by the outdoor climate and this will influence the indoor temperature control. By using spray foam insulation, it is possible to increase the structure’s durability, economy and overall comfort in the building.

spray foam roofing system

As can be seen, spray foam insulation is the more beneficial option for roofs when compared to traditional insulation methods. This article will discuss specific reasons in detail as to why our particular product is ideal for roofing applications.

• Reduced Energy Bills

The suspended aluminum particulars in the spray foam material operates by reflecting UV radiation. This is beneficial because it contributes to a significant reduction of air-conditioning costs in any property structure; therefore, the surface temperature is kept as low as possible leading to a maximum energy output.

• Increased Environmentally Friendly And ‘Green Living’ Option

For property owners who are interested in an environmentally friendly structure with ‘green living’ features, the spray foam roofing material is the most beneficial alternative. It is advantageous for both private and commercial buildings in that it ensures conservation of energy with a non-toxic application.

• A Light Weight Presentation

By utilizing light weight material, the spray foam product will not cause the roofing to sag prematurely. In fact, as is discussed above, it will typically increase the strength and rigidity of all structures. Furthermore, this product ensures a higher tolerance level regarding potential snow load as well as effectively reducing the risk of roof sag in inclement weather. This reduction of risk is unique among roof insulation materials making our product a beneficial alternative.

• A Seamless Presentation

Only our spray foam insulation product can offer an entirely seamless installation without the risk of cracks or leaks between the layers of foam.

• The Elastomeric Properties

The elastomeric properties of the spray foam material are beneficial in that they ensure an efficient and effective sealing of cracks on the roof. The material will seal the cracks and crevices, as well as preventing moisture penetration; thereby providing an optimal level of insulation.

• A Self-Flashing Element

Contrary to conventional roofing insulation materials, the spray foam insulation material provides a self-flashing element. This means that it will conform to any roof design reducing the risk of stack leaks, vents or parapets.

• A High ‘R’ Value

Spray foam insulation is beneficial in that it has a high ‘R’ value. This is arguably the most objective method to measure any materials resistance to extreme and inclement weather.

• No Leaks

Spray foam is currently the only form of insulation material that seals a roof entirely eliminating the risk of water leaking in or out of the structure. This elimination of leaks further benefits the structure in that it reduces the possibility of mildew or mold developing in the property which is advantageous for the building and your personal health.

• A Low Maintenance Material

Spray foam is the speediest type of insulation material with an easy maintenance. No long processes are required to care for the insulated roof that has used spray foam. Contact Ocean Seven Roofing for more info.