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What You Need To Know About Spray Foam

Posted on Apr 5, 2017 by Thomas Johnston

What You Need To Know When It Comes To Spray Foam Insulation And Roofing In Los Angeles

Los Angeles, which literally means “The Angels” in Spanish is the financial, commercial and cultural center of Southern California. Home to over 3,970,000 people, it’s the second-most populous city in the U.S. Sitting around a large coastal basin that’s surrounded by mountains on three sides, the city’s climate is rather unique; Los Angeles enjoys lots of sunshine through the year with only an average 35 days of precipitation annually. With such a climate, the insulation and roofing you have on your home matters a lot.

Los Angeles enjoys a Mediterranean Climate, which can be rather hot especially during summer days. In such a climate, it is important that you invest a lot on things like air conditioning and such to keep your home cool even in the hottest of days. And while this is one way of cooling down things, there is still a way that you, as a Los Angeles resident, could keep your home cool” and that is the insulation and roofing you have installed in your home. At the end of the day, proper insulation and roofing could even help you see lowered energy bills.

Spray insulation foam is a product that’s created by two chemical materials, polyol and isocyanate resin, which, when mixed react with each other and expand to about 60 times the liquid volume when sprayed in place. Because of this, the foam is used as a specialty packing material that conforms to the shape of the space or product it is poured in and its thermal insulating value is quite high with virtually no air permeation.

If properly applied, spray insulation foam can help keep the heat out. In warmer climates or during warmer days, heat will always seek cooler places and will, therefore, be drawn to areas that are cool, like your air conditioned home. Without proper insulation, heat will simply find its way through walls and drive temperatures in your home up. As such, if your home is not properly insulated, then you are at risk of paying higher energy bills.

In hot and humid climates, the type of roof installed on a house matters a lot. In a Mediterranean climate like that in Los Angeles, what you need is a roof system that’ll contract and expand with temperature shifts. At the same time, a reflective, well-ventilated roof is advised as it will help reflect the heat away from the house.

As such, your roofing and insulation matter a lot when it comes comfort. At the same time, these two aspects will determine the cost you will be spending on energy bills each year. To minimize costs and to improve the climate in your house, consider having your roofing and insulation examined, and if need be, replaced by a professional. If you are building a new home, then have a professional roofing and insulation expert handle the task for you.

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