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Metal Retrofit Roofs: Some Remarkable Advantages

Posted on Apr 15, 2012 by Brad Stewart

If time has caught up with your metal roof, why not consider a metal retrofit? These specialized roofs protect your building against rain, temperature changes, interior drips, ice build-up, and rust and corrosion.

Whether the problem associate with your traditional roof is rainwater discharge, constant and costly repairs, inefficient energy consumption or poor aesthetic appeal, a metal retrofit is all you need to get rid of the problems.

The roofs are designed for greater ease in installation. In fact, it has been proven that the approach used can lower the cost of installation by up to 85%. This is because the single-ply metal membrane comes prefabricated and is designed to fit in on the pre-existing metal deck aptly. Moreover, other than lower installation labor costs, you are assured that the roof will help you save down the years due to increased energy efficiency, resistance to chemical induced corrosion as well as ability to withstand the effects of inclement weather.

The main motivation for the design of this roofing solution was the need by homeowners with flat or near-flat roofs to replace them with one with a bigger slope. This is also a good approach by homeowners who are fed up with having to make total overhauls of the roof every few years, not to mention constant repair jobs in between. The flexibility of the design options available means that the solution can be adopted for greater aesthetic appeal as well as increased functionality.

If you are a homeowner looking for workable options in long-term performance and reliability of your home’s roof, you will be well served by the availability of metal retrofit system that includes light-gauge support framing and metal roof and wall cladding. This is an approach that will ensure that you get rid of roofing materials that require total overhaul every other ten years interspersed with constant repairs and maintenance.

As already outlined, fitting a metal retrofit roof gives the homeowner such advantages as minimal maintenance costs as well as increased reliability over time. However, these are just but a few of the advantages. The complete list includes:

* This brand of metal roofing provides a greater level of flexibility in the design of the building on which it is fitted. It also easily accommodates a number of revolutionary architectural elements, giving the building increased curb appeal.

*The roofs are considered as elements that increase the basic and equity value of a home. Any professional appraisal will reveal this to be true.

* The material has some excellent characteristics such as being non combustible as well as having capacity to withstand winds and other adverse weather conditions. As such, the owner stands to benefit from lower home insurance premiums.

* Other less than obvious benefits include the fact that the metal retrofit roof’s structure ensures that there is adequate attic space left between the old and new roofs. This is adequate for added ventilation and insulation, factors that will ensure that the homeowner spends much less in utility bills.

* Seeing that the installation process is easy and fast, one does not to have normal business brought to a halt just because the roof is being installed.

The retrofit process offers some excellent ways to improve a building’s energy efficiency and help reduce its carbon footprint. By adding a few low cost elements to the retrofit system, the designer can help the building owner realize significant savings.

The green energy elements of the solution stem from the fact that the roofs offer increased thermal resistance and creates a virtual radiant barrier as well as more space for ventilation. To take the renewable idea a step further, you can consider installing a selection of solar based technologies to add thermal heat recovery.

Older technologies used for roofing purposes are by default not optimized for efficient energy utilization due to their inadequate insulation capacity.

However, for a retrofit idea to work as indicated, a properly designed ventilation system must be included, regardless of whether the roof is being fitted on a flat or sloped roof. This consideration ensures that any issues to do with condensation are eliminated and ensures that the building is in line with building standards in force. A retrofit idea is commendable where it allows for greater natural ventilation, especially for steep slope metal-over-metal applications.

There is no need for homeowners to hesitate when it comes to fitting of metal retrofit roofs. The fact that they are durable and energy efficient means that the cost of installation will be recouped in the not too distant future after installation is complete.

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