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Learn More About Cleaning Tips

Posted on Aug 17, 2012 by Charles Slater

Spring cleaning tips usually took place during the first dry days of the summer season. It is most common in areas associated with winter season. It involves ensuring the house is clean and tidy in each and every corner. Also, the surrounding environment of a house is swept and objects arranged in an orderly manner.

The spring washing practice was a routine task performed by the indigenous people. Thorough washing was done at this time because the weather was very conducive for drying wet garments. The spring period became very essential as man began to engage in farming practices rather than hunting and gathering as a source of livelihood. The environment around their homes was cleaned as well as the houses in anticipation of the demanding farm preparation and crop harvesting.

It has been suggested that the origin of this season of tidying the environment dates back to the Persian New Year. The Iranians continue to perform this practice to date. Also, it has been suggested that another origin can be traced back to the ancient Jewish practice of cleansing the house in preparation of a Jewish Passover feast.

Another suggested origin of the spring washing practice is the Chinese practice to clean their homes in anticipation of a new calendar. They sweep away the dirt in their environment as a symbol of getting rid of misfortune and bad luck that is believed to have accumulated over the ending year.

When the house is believed to be clean, then the Chinese invite good luck and fortune. They refrain from sweeping the floor for a few days after New Year. This is to avoid sweeping away any good luck that came during the ceremony of ushering in the New Year.

On the other hand, scientists have determined the cleaning tips to have been predominant during the spring season rather than winter due to hormonal stimulation. The people had little energy during winter to carry out their tasks due to long exposure to cold. This led to stimulation of melatonin hormone that produces sleepiness. This is contrary to long exposure to sunlight during spring period where less melatonin is stimulated. Thus, people had more energy during spring to carry out their daily activities than during cold seasons.

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