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Learn about foam roofing

Learn about foam roofing What is Sprayed Polyurethane Foam roofing? Spray Polyurethane Foam has been used as a roofing and insulation material for over 45 years. Today there are foam roofs that have been in place for decades, and by all appearances they should be able to last indefinitely as…

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SPF OVER METAL ROOFS Weatherizing and insulation system Weatherproofing – Roof-Tek SPF over metal has the longevity that an owner requires, these system have 30 years of proven performance. The seamless spray foam insulation has no joints or fasteners to ever leak. And offering additional protection is the liquid applied…

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SPF ROOFING Seamless polyurethane Foam System What is SPF? SPF is a seamless, “spray-in-place” insulation that is rigid, closed-cell, plastic foam. It has the most efficient insulating properties available. A monolithic insulation is formed through the mixing of an Iso or ‘A’ component and a special resin blend or ‘B’…

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WALL-TEK SPF INSULATION Owners today are more concerned than ever of their fluctuating property values and rising energy costs. Wall-Tek SPF insulation (both the open-cell and the closed-cell formulations) provides multiple “solutions” when used in all types of construction. A superior insulation, SPF offers qualities like air seal and moisture…

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Poly-Sil™2200 CC Silicone

Corrosion Control System for metallic surfaces Restoration – The Poly-Sil™ 2200 CC System (Silicone Corrosion Control) will extend the life of your painted structure. If the coating you apply is not intact in a few years, you will have to prepare and paint again. This system has addressed critical elements…

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SPF Roofing Systems

Ocean Seven SPF Roofing Systems Seamless Spray Polyurethane Foam with Acry-Tek or Poly-Sil™ Coatings Features and Benefits Recap 20 + years history and experience – proven longevity and performance Completely seamless systems – no openings, no weak seams Penetrating fasteners are not required – thousands of holes, not put in…

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