SPF Roofing Systems

Ocean Seven SPF Roofing Systems Seamless Spray Polyurethane Foam with Acry-Tek or Poly-Sil™ Coatings Features and Benefits Recap
  • 20 + years history and experience – proven longevity and performance
  • Completely seamless systems – no openings, no weak seams
  • Penetrating fasteners are not required – thousands of holes, not put in your roof deck
  • Recoating program – sustainable roofing system – renewable
  • Superior insulation, approx. R – 6.4 per inch – energy efficient
  • No ballast – very lightweight
  • Self-flashing – simple and efficient roof detailing
  • Totally adhered – excellent wind resistance
  • Controls expansion and contraction – excellent as a recover system
  • No fasteners – no thermal bridging
  • Monothilic insulation, no gaps – reduces conditioned air loses
  • Existing roof removal not required – reduces waste, preserves building protection
  • Energy Star® systems available – cool roofing, insulated roofing, environmental benefits
  • UL, FM, CRRC, Title 24, Dade County -rated and approved systems – appropriate and safe to install

Spf roofing systems aren’t replaced, thereby increasing their effectiveness at reducing global warming. Spf roofing systems are resistance against leaks caused by hail, wind-driven debris, and high wind blow-off. Spf roofing systems are applied above the roof deck. Spf roofing systems will often be used as recover system over existing roof covers. Polyurethane foam is usually lightweight and could be applied over most existing roof systems without having exceeding beyond the structural load capacity.

Polyurethane foam does apply over almost any substrate, which normally removes the additional cost of tear-off. Polyurethane foam is very flexible and versatile and could be applied to any kind of roofing system. Polyurethane foam has a history of more than 35 years being a maintainable roofing moderate. Spray foam is environmentally friendly and helps your roof ing Edmonton, Alberta – AB to overcome years of wear and tear. Spray foam is definitely an amazingly long lasting material. When applied correctly, it can last for many years.