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Country Home Owners Will Agree Roof Thatching Is A Special Skill That Needs To Be Preserved

Posted on May 27, 2012 by Mark Ferguson

In the UK we have reached the tipping point where both architects and craftspeople agree that roof thatching is a special skill that needs to be preserved.

It is widely agreed that this profession needs to be cherished, this specialist and disappearing craft has been keeping people dry and warm inside their home for centuries. For many Westerners the idyllic pictures of English country cottages are the epitome of thatching but in fact the method is widely used all around the world.

Thatching is widely used all around the world to provide protection and warmth but across the UK, this specialist profession has been disappearing and undervalued for many years. The property boom saw a welcome growth in the use and recognized importance of traditional building methods.

Welsh slate became especially popular and whilst it was probably cheaper it changed the landscape of much of Britain very quickly. The insulation properties were initially very poor, no extra materials were used to protect the main living areas. However if you could afford to use a new slate roof, presumably you could afford the heating bills to go with it.

Nowadays there has been an increase in the interest amongst home owners of restoring and maintaining a quality reed, straw or wheat roof. It is now a sign of success to own a thatched cottage in the country, proving your middle class position in society and ability to afford to maintain an older property.

In addition many cottage owners are recognizing that, compared to modern concrete roofing materials, traditional thatch is environmentally friendly. The marsh areas and riversides that are harvested every year provide an environment for wildlife that is perfect for domestic birds, insects and amphibians.

The situation now is that having such a special home is a sign of prestige and comes with some responsibility that suggests roof thatching is a special skill that needs to be preserved.

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