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Clay roof tiles throughout the ages

Posted on Aug 1, 2012 by Jason Roasen

Several experts suggest that the very first known clay roof tile was used in China in 10,000 BC. Fired clay roofing was utilised by the Ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Romans and Ancient Greeks. It is difficult and sometimes not possible to precisely date very early roof top tiles. Fragments of tile discovered at archaeological sites might point to the use of clay tile roofs, however the same model of tile were at the same time sometimes used for other purposes for example paving, plus bake ovens.

Since early days until somewhat recently properties have been roofed with what ever material had been most available. Natural hand-split slate was among the 1st roof products to be utilized in locations where slate may be quarried. In Wales, the South West, the North West and Scotland, natural slate continues to be, even now, the main material observed on homes.

In many central areas for example the Cotswolds and also the Pennines the local material was heavy stone slate, and this might also still be discovered typically on roofing within those regions.

In most other areas, before clay tiles came into popular implementation, thatch had been the one choice as it had been too costly to deliver heavy stones or slates using horse-drawn travel over distances of very much above 10 or twelve kilometers.

Clay tiles have established themselves time and time again over hundreds of years from their very first use. Hand-crafted clay roofing tiles produce a look and impression for your house that can’t be replicated with almost every other roof material.

The life span of any clay-based tile will be influenced by the kind and superiority of the clay utilized to generate it, the way it has been constructed, the humidity of the environment together with the location where the building is positioned. If you’re considering clay-based roof top tiles for your own rooftop contact a roofing professional to help select roofing tiles which will not just look good upon your roof top yet are also appropriate for your homes location.

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