Attic Spray Foam

The part of your house that is subjected to the most extreme temperatures throughout the year is the attic. So whether it is freezing cold or scorching hot, without having sufficient attic insulation, you will not be able to prevent the effects that external weather has on your home.

Our expert services here at Ocean Seven Roofing can help to keep your home comfortable and prevent extreme weather from getting inside.

Why Your Attic Needs To Be Insulated

Attic insulation is among the most effective methods for reducing the amount of extreme temperature penetration into your home. Heat beats down on the spray foam attic-saving shingles on the roof. This causes a serious increase in temperature within the enclosed attic space. The transferred heat in turn is prone to seeping in the rest of the house via unsealed holes and cracks. A similar process takes place with cold winter temperatures where shivering house dwellers are force to increase how much they use their heating systems in order to stay warm. Either way, the result is an increase in cost and energy use.

Since outside weather effects mainly seep into living areas via the attic, it is critical to have complete sealing and maximum insulation in order to reduce the effects of outside temperatures (hot or cold) on the living area. When done properly, in fact, spray foam is able to reduce extreme outside temperature effects by around 40% of the original intensity, which reduces the need for excessive and continuous use of cooling and heating systems on a year around basis.

If you would like to reduce the huge burden that the weather is having on your monthly utility bills, and want to enjoy a cozy winter and comfortable summer, then give us a call here at Ocean Seven Roofing so that your attic can get insulated with spray foam right away!


However, there is not nearly as much air conditioned air allowed to leak from the house with a spray foam insulated attic compared with one built with traditional materials. That is conservation of energy, which prevents the loss of cooling and heat that the HVAC system generates. This reduces financial and overall energy waste. On the opposite side of the spectrum, spray foam insulated attics also prevent the seepage of moisture into the attic which may result in premature structural damage and unseen but harmful mold.

An Introduction To Attic Spray Foam Insulation

Using spray foam to insulate your attic is a modern technique that is much more effective compared to traditional insulation methods like blown fiberglass or fiberglass batting. Our spray foam technology can protect your attic space (and therefore the rest of the house) in two different ways. One process involves insulating the attic floor, and then leaving the remaining gable vented. This method is a common one but not that effective since is allows the attic space to become either super-cooled or super-heated from the roof being exposed to climate conditions.

The most effective and second way of making your indoor environment more protect and comfortable from outside filtration is to use spray foam insulation over your entire attic. That includes installing our incredible on the underside of your roof, and along the rim, soffit and joist areas. The gable walls are sprayed as well, to ensure that your attic is completely sealed and completely protected from weather, pests, pollen, moisture and other external factors from the outside world.


When you have better insulation is results in a much more comfortable living environment and lower energy costs. Reducing your energy consumption so good for the planet as well. Our non-toxic product is a completely Eco-friendly and green option. Also, spray foam offers a complete moisture and thermal barrier. That way you will also have reduced incidents of irritants, pests, insects, rodents, allergens, pollutants, pollen, mildew and mold infiltrating your house.

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