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About Us

About Ocean Seven Roofing

Ocean Seven Roofing in California has installed quality foam roofing and general roofing types under the same ownership and management since 1994.

Ocean Seven Roofing began as licensed Roofing and General Contractors, and at the turn of the century expanded its services to include both commercial and residential foam roof projects, as well as other upgrade services.

With hundreds of satisfied customers over the last three decades, Ocean Seven Roofing has built a legacy of exceptional customer service, quality, and reliability. Even our location is dependable – we have been there since 1994! Ocean Seven Roofing headquarters is located in North Hollywood, allowing us to quickly respond to customer requests at all of our servicing locations.


We specialize in applying polyurethane foam material on both residential and commercial roofs. We apply a minimum of 1″ of foam, and two coats of elastomeric coating on top of the foam. The foam acts as an insulation for the roof, is water proof, and is valued rated at R-6.3 per 1″. The foam also complies to Title 24 and is A fire rated. The foam is appropriate for either commercials or residential applications, and adheres to any surface, including metal, wood and more, giving it a significant advantage over other BUR (built up roofs).

The foam is an insulation uses green materials and because there is no tear off needed, it reduces trips to the landfill. It is light weight and its long lasting elastomeric coating means you need to recoat only every 8 to 10 years instead of removing and replacing the complete roof.

Because of our years of experience we are able to keep all work in- house – there are never any subcontractors involved. This means we provide the client with an unmatched dedication and responsibility to quality, availability, equipment that is up to code, workmanship with 3 full time and in house crews that are committed to detail, organization on the field and on the job clean up . Our expert technicians have over ten years work experience, which ensures your work is done by professionals who see it through from start to finish.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with roofing products and services that incorporate the highest degree of QUALITY, RELIABILITY and EXPERIENCE available.
Ocean Seven Roofing Polyurethane roof systems will be the last roof your building will ever need. It is a sustainable roof system that can be cleaned and recoated 10-20 years from now, and will eliminate the need for costly tear-off expenses. If you’re experiencing roof leaks, moss on your built up roof, rust, expensive heating costs or any problem with your flat or low-slope roof, this is the answer!

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